Q: Are the inflatables clean?

A: Yes, very! We clean and sanitize each of our inflatables after every rental or when we set them up. As we clean them, we also do a thorough safety check so that each customer gets their inflatable in pristine, safe condition.
Q: What happens if we spill on the units?
A: We ask that customers provide garbage cans near the inflatable to prevent messes. If a spill is made, the customer must clean it up immediately using cleaning supplies, such as 409. If the inflatable is not clean at pickup we may charge additional $50 to the final invoice.
Q: Can we tape signs on the unit?
A: NO TAPE - No duct tape, masking tape, or tape of any kind allowed on inflatables! If game signs and ticket signs are needed (Bounce Around Inflatables does not supply these signs) they must he placed on a chair, table, box, or on a board hammered into the ground NOT ON THE INFLATABLE. Customer will be charged a cleaning fee of $50 per game if tape has been used.
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