Insurance / Responsibilities

Q: Is Bounce Around Inflatables insured?

A: Yes; we are insured by a $1,000,000 general liability policy.
Q: Do we offer insurance to cover the inflatable?
A: Yes; you may cover any physical damage that may happen while you have the inflatable for an additional 5% of the package price. This does exclude silly string (NO SILLY STRING!!!) and someone purposely wrecking the inflatable.
Q: What happens if we damage the unit?
A: Insurance is available (read above). Customers are held liable for any and all damages to equipment other than normal wear and tear. (Examples but not limited to: Ripped seam on an inflatable due to “overloading riders”, ripped sumo’s, silly sting stains, cut from a sharp item, etc ) However the customer is not liable for damages to equipment due to previously damaged or faulty equipment.
Q: Who is responsible for the equipment operation?
A: Bounce Around understands every event is unique in its own way and strives accommodate to the best we can. At each event you may choose to staff it yourself (minimum 1 person per an inflatable), or in certain situations we can offer 1 staff manager to oversee the event.
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