Weekend Rental

Rent for 1 day get up to 3 days FREE!!

Q: Rent for 1 day get up to 3 days FREE?
A: Yes! With Bounce Houses, Combo Units, and select other pieces, you can pay for a single day but get it for the weekend (Friday - Monday). This will make it more convenient and you will not have to worry about when your inflatable is arriving and being on time. Mulit-day rentals can also be done during the week p/availablilty, typically on Tues-Thurs.
Q: Picking up and Returning your inflatable?
A: All pickups and returns can be done during business hours: 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday. Appointments may be setup outside of these hours upon request, if those hours don't work, making it convenient if you have chosen to pickup or return the games yourself.
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