Rainy Day Tips & Tricks

Q: What happens when it rains on an inflatable?
A:  If you're inflatable is deflated laying flat on the ground and it gets rained on:
  • The baffles inside the inflatable fill up with water like a bowl! 
  • Blowing up the inflatable will NOT get all that water out and it can add up to 200+ lbs when rolling it up! 
Q: How can I avoid getting water inside the inflatable?
A: Don't let it lay flat with the top up. You can:
  • Fold it in half over itself so the bottom of the piece is facing up. This will help most of the rain roll off the bottom. 
  • Roll it up completely each night or when it's raining. 
  • Put a tarp over top of it staking it down so it stays in place. 
Q: Should I worry about my sprinklers?
A: YES! You want to turn off the sprinklers while you have your inflatable. Otherwise it will be soaked with water when you go to roll it up!