Delivery – Setup / Tear Down

Q: What is your delivery area?

-  FREE Delivery for Sioux Falls / Tea / Harrisburg is available of any inflatable rental of $599 or more.
You can add deliver/setup and tear down/removal to any inflatable rental less than $599 for an additional $95.
-  Delivery is available anywhere in SD, MN, IA, NE, and ND. View Delivery Pricing Chart HERE.
Q: What is included with delivery?
A: We arrive with all accessories needed to run your event properly; then setup and inspect your inflatable for safety and cleanliness. Following is a training/safety course. When the event is over, we will arrive to disassemble and remove the unit. The renter is responsible for supplying power (electricity), unless generators have been requested.
Q: What time do you deliver and pick up the inflatable?
A: Backyard events:
We offer the pay 1 day and get upto 3 days free to allow for delivery, which will be done anytime on Friday and picked up anytime on Monday.  
Need a guaranteed Friday delivery time?  Choose:
1.  Guanteed delivery times are not available on Friday 
2.  Add an additional day for $30 to be delivered on Thursday
3.  Customer may pickup the inflatable Friday 9-5
Large events:
We generally allow 20 min per inflatables to setup.  If the inflatable is multiple peices (70 obstacle course = 2 inflatables), which would take 40 minutes. Then we add an additional 30 min to allow for extra time.  
Q: How long does it take to set up an inflatable?
A: On average 15 - 20 minutes per inflatable.
Q: Can we pick up the inflatables from your office and set the units up ourselves?
A: Yes, you may pickup from our facility M-F 9am-5pm and we will help load and unload. Other appointments may be setup outside of these house upon request.
Q: How do you set up and tear down an inflatable by yourself?
A: Watch this short video to see an example of a set up and tear down: 
Q: Do we require assistance in setting up the inflatables?
A: No, when we deliver inside city limits, we will bring all necessary help to set up your inflatable(s). If we travel a long distance, we may require help depending on which inflatables. We can discuss this while we are planning your event.
Q: What types of surfaces can inflatables be set up on and what preparation needs to be done?
A: We need a level, uniform surface - such as grass, concrete, blacktop, wood floors, or carpet. No dirt, rock, gravel, or sand setups. Pick up any animal feces and allow at least 5 feet of clearance around the dimensions of the inflatable. Inform us whether the inflatable will be setup inside/outside and the type of surface. We will bring necessary accessories to setup such as tarps (concrete, tar, ect).
Q: Can I have an inflatable at a park and is there power?
A: Bounce Around Inflatables will set-up at all parks with permission. We work with the Sioux Falls Park & Recreation on a daily basis. If you plan on setting up at a Sioux Falls Park, let us know and we will take care of everything on the backside. If the park is located out of Sioux Falls, contact your town’s recreation department to get the permission. Most parks have power located where the picnic tables are. Contact us for more details on the park you are considering.
Q: How much electricity does each unit use? What type of power source is needed?
A: Each blower uses from 8 – 12 amps of power, some inflatables take one 20 amp circuit, while others can use 2 blowers on one standard 20 amp circuit. Our blower’s works on standard household 110V circuits- no special outlets are needed. The outlet can be a maximum of 115 feet from the inflatable. If you require a generator; we rent them for $95.00 and one will power up to 3 blowers.
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