Our Cleaning Process

What Makes Us Different:

• Specializing in cleaning, sanitizing, and inspecting our units before they are rented
• 5000 sq ft building where you can come view your inflatable as we clean them
• Replace every 3 years to ensure bright, clean, and odorless inflatables


Inflatables Returned - Piled up and Ready to be Cleaned - Over 200 Inflatables in Total


Cleaning Process Started - Setup, Vacuum, Disinfect/Clean and Inspect


Still Cleaning - Getting Close to Being Done


Loading Trailers and Organizing for the Weekend


Trailers, Delivery, and Staff Available to Load Customer Pickups

Saturday / Sunday:

Focus on Festivals, Town Celebrations, & Large Events


Do it all again!
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Hours of Operation: 9am to 5pm
M - F and Extended Hours by Appointment